Our Solution

Our solution to eliminating depression-like relative nutritional deficiency (RND) symptoms is based on a simple concept – address the cause to find the solution. If you were trying to solve a mystery, you wouldn’t purposefully go on a bunch of wild-goose-chases just to feel like you were doing something. In order to solve the mystery, you would look for the underlying cause. Once you found the cause, you would solve the mystery and have your solution.

We have found that neurotransmitter imbalances are the cause that triggers most episodes of depression-like RND symptoms. The reason each person experiences neurotransmitter imbalance may be completely unique but the underlying cause is the same – improper neurotransmitter function. If we optimize neurotransmitter function we address the cause and we have our solution. This means your depression-like RND symptoms, as well as any other symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance, disappear.