Find Hope When Things Feel Hopeless

Depression is a major problem in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control 9% of the US population report occasional depression (over 28 million people) and 3.4% suffer from major depression (almost 11 million people).

But the feelings, or lack of feelings that accompany depression cannot be summarized in numbers. That unshakable darkness, intense sadness, hopelessness and despair that those with depression feel can feel like an incredible weight that can’t be lifted. But the weight can be lifted.

Getting Started in Managing Depression

Neurotransmitter Function and Depression

It is very likely that you can eliminate or significantly reduce your depression. The Natural Path Health Center has helped thousands of people all over the world achieve their health goals and eliminate neurotransmitter imbalance and we’d like to help you do the same.

If you are ready to correct the underlying neurotransmitter imbalances that are most likely at the root of your depression, please contact us!


Amino Acid Therapy and Depression

Research indicates that 93% of people taking properly balanced amino acid therapy will achieve relief from depression. The remaining 7% require a dual drug-amino acid approach to achieve a relief of symptoms.

Botanicals & Supplements

Many nutrients and herbs have been used successfully by people suffering from depression and many people with depression turn to natural remedies.

tai chi, proper diet and exercise for managing Parkinson's Disease

Dietary & Lifestyle Changes

Altering your diet and adding some form of exercise into your life will provide added benefits to managing your depression.

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